KLANDOS have been developed to combat the current ride-hailing challenges faced by urban users. Designed with a simplistic UI for users with multi-language support(French and English), KLANDOS is an all-rounded dependable platform for customers & drivers.

The Company

     KLANDOS is the first national brand for on-demand rides. We offer businesses a superior experience built on convenience, reliability and unmatched customer service, all powered by our proprietary technology platform. We provide easy web and mobile ordering, flexible ride options, transparent pricing, real-time tracking and confirmations, up-to-the-minute ETAs, Drivers Ratings and a feature-rich API for a seamless “last mile” logistics solution.

Our Story

KLANDOS was born to combat the actual security problems that faces the transportation sector in Cameroon. Because we notice that they was a lot of aggression in taxi in our cities particulary during night time, Also that it was very difficult for a person living in a neighborhood like Odza to acces a ride during a certain hours of the day. We thought is was necessary and important to develop Klandos to fight those scourges

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